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Introduction to Health & Safety for Small Businesses

A presentation for small businesses on how to manage health and safety risks in your business including: Health and Safety – dispelling some of the myths The Health and Safety Executive – keeping it simple guide Practical toolbox – How to control risks in your business

Food Hygiene for Small Businesses

As a food business, what you need to think about moving forward into the future. Premises – what you need to consider. Registering as a good business – what you need to know. Finding and training the right people – what is required. Procedures – written food safety management guidelines

Finance 101

Finance – what you need to know How to not go bust in a year How to make sure you get paid In the webinar we cover the basics of business finance – everything you need to know without the fancy language – delivered by a ‘non-financial’ business owner who speaks your language. We walk […]

Understanding the market place and your customers

How to assess the market How to position yourself in the market Getting noticed! – creating a brand This webinar looks are who your competitors are, where in the market you want to position yourself and how to make sure you stand out from the crowd, identifying your USP. We look at who your customers […]

Your One Page Business Plan

How to build a business plan on one page What strategies and tactics to use Vision and setting milestones On this webinar we help you build your business plan – your blue-print for your business all on one page by asking some salient questions and examining ideas around them: Who are your customers? What do […]

Starting a business

How to think like an entrepreneur How to avoid failure and get started What help will you need? From idea to reality – how to start thinking like an entrepreneur to recognise opportunities and mitigate against risk. We look at why so many businesses fail in the early stages and explain how to avoid the […]


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