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Introduction to Health & Safety for Small Businesses

A presentation for small businesses on how to manage health and safety risks in your business including: Health and Safety – dispelling some of the myths The Health and Safety Executive – keeping it simple guide Practical toolbox – How to control risks in your business

Food Hygiene for Small Businesses

As a food business, what you need to think about moving forward into the future. Premises – what you need to consider. Registering as a good business – what you need to know. Finding and training the right people – what is required. Procedures – written food safety management guidelines

Introduction to Food Labelling

What food information does a food business need to provide for customers and how should it be presented on: 1. Non-prepacked food – Includes food made to order, loose food and food packaged at the customer’s request 2. Prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food – includes new labelling requirements under Natasha’s law. 3. Prepacked food […]

Why employers need to take health and safety seriously, including top tips for compliance

Reasons to manage health and safety: legal, moral, financial. Consequences of non-compliance – civil and criminal law explained; Powers of the enforcing authority discussed. Legal requirements – Health and safety made simple for SMEs. (Health and Safety Management System: policy, risk assessments, training requirements, Competent Person requirement. Explanation of a Compliance Tracker to ensure continual […]


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