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Leadership – Lessons from the Edge

On the 21st July 2021, a team of five injured/disabled veterans set off on the world first challenge of kayaking from Land’s End to John O’ Groats – over 1,400 kilometres at sea. Darren was the Expedition Leader, and successfully led the team through some of Europe’s most challenging waters, overcoming adversity and keeping team […]

Resilience – Lessons from the Edge

How do you overcome adversity? How do you build a truly resilient mindset? At this session, Darren will share his story of overcoming a life-changing injury to become a record-breaking Disabled Adventurer and Expedition Leader. He will share his ‘lessons from the edge’ for building resilience and positively managing mental health. – Tools for building […]

How Prioritisation Can Save You

Discover how prioritisation can save your life by engaging with a range of tools and insights to help you better plan your time. Uncover what makes it hard to prioritise and why we all struggle to get things done. Engage with a suite of complementary tools in a free interactive PDF which, when used well, […]

How to Build Resilience

In uncertain times it becomes more important than ever to focus in on our own energy and resilience This webinar will share five key tools which will help you find positive energy, overcome emotional hurdles and stay resilient in the face of challenges Engage with the tools and gain access to a free interactive workbook […]

How to think Creatively

Unleash your creative potential by discovering a process for taking raw creativity and turning it into meaningful innovation Learn how everyone can access their creative side and apply innovative thinking to any challenges they face Discover tools and tips for turbocharging your own creativity and taking ideas from inception to implementation

How To Become an Exceptional Leader

Discover how exceptional leaders from across industries lead for success in a fast paced, uncertain world Explore how you can adopt the five practices of the exceptional leaders: leading in Head, Heart, Health, Habit and History Engage with tools and techniques to put your learning into practice and gain access to a personalised assessment to […]


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