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Other HR policies

A quick guide to other legislation/policies – What you may want to (should) include in your handbook! Whistleblowing/anti-corruption Family friendly/flexible working Equal Opportunities/Harassment and Bullying Diversity and Inclusion Mental health – first aiders Well-being – menopause, drugs & alcohol etc Homeworking – working from home, areas to consider as an employer Working time (48 hr […]

Performance Reviews/Appraisal

What are appraisals – Process – Initial meeting and mid review. What should and should not be covered in appraisal. Preparing for an appraisal (Appraiser and Appraisee) The value of the appraisal – Aims and benefits of an appraisal. Promoting employee development. Positive work culture Practical process to deliver appraisals – Agreeing and setting objectives

Absence management

Absence/Capability – What is covered. Review of absence/reasons for absence. Short-term and long-term sickness How to help manage absence in the workplace – Return to work interviews – the benefits of the RTW interview. Managing sickness – Doctors and Occupational Health support. Managing disability – reasonable adjustments Sick pay and company sick pay – Statutory […]

Discipline & Grievance

Disciplinary Procedure – Statutory guidance based on ACAS code of practice. Informal and formal process. Preparation for investigation and hearing. Conducting an investigation and hearing. Grievance procedure – Statutory guidance based on ACAS code of practice. Informal and formal process. Preparation for meeting. Conducting a meeting. ‘Must haves’ Disciplinary and Grievance – Fair treatment of […]


Preparation for recruitment – Review and decide what skills/resource you require? What you need to cover off prior to recruitment (job description, salary/rate of pay, understand hours of work – type of contract/terms etc) Advertising – What you can and cannot include in your recruitment adverts (to avoid being discriminatory), Options to advertise vacancies Interviewing […]

Employing staff

Offer and contract – Covering statutory requirements (contract, offer letter and issues relevant to the first day of employment: handbook/policies, right to work checks, references etc,) Induction – The right introduction to your business. What you should cover in the induction Probation review(s) – Why we should carry out probation reviews. What to cover in […]


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