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Win More Business through Persuasive Proposals

How to prepare a short proposal to win new business. A practical guide to the content you need for a compelling document. Learn persuasive writing techniques to improve your success rate.

A Business Plan Perfect for The Bank

This webinar takes you from confusion to a clear vision of what exactly a Business Plan is and what the financier is looking for. Featuring insider knowledge and tips. Create a Business Plan suitable for usage with a wide variety of loans. Understand how to conduct the right type of research. Executive Summary content. Understand […]

Cashflows That Get Loans

This webinar will take you from confusion to a clear vision of what exactly a cashflow forecast is and what it encompasses. Featuring insider knowledge and tips from a highly experienced loan assessor. How Matthew can help you in a successful Loan Application Understanding How the Templates Work Building the Financial Forecast Sales & Marketing […]

Tax Relief to Fund Innovation and Drive Commercialisation

Who we are? What is Research and Development Tax Relief? Barriers to Commercialisation Examples of qualifying projects Qualifying project types What does a project need to qualify? How does the relief work? How much does R&D cost? Case Study R&D Misconceptions SME VS Large Company

Cloud Accounting, Book Keeping Saving You Time & Money

This webinar will enable you to understand how cloud- based accounting software can save you time, money and be more efficient. Save money on my accounting bill How to be MTD Compliant Real-time walkthrough on your screen using cloud software Cut your bookkeeping time by up to 75% by connecting to your bank Get professional […]


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