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Creating a strategic marketing plan

What you need to know before ever speaking to a marketing expert. Why you need to be good before you can risk being famous. How to identify the right agencies to help you grow. Five things most companies get wrong. What to avoid. Matching marketing to ROI. The importance of data.

Tools for working from home: software, hardware and ‘wetware’

What software will I need when working from home? Communicating with others? Am I familiar with the different meeting software? Are there upgrades/ongoing costs and training required? Is your hardware capable of running the software? Are there any limitations on your internet speed? Do you require accessories? Headsets, webcams? Sufficient back-up plan i.e. offline backup […]

Monetise your business idea online

Using the latest online strategies to generate new leads for businesses selling time, expertise or products. Find the answers to these questions: How to get started? Can I make a profit from offering my service online? How much do I charge? What equipment will I need? Choosing the right audience? What Successful Content Creators Deliver? […]

How to build a high-performance team to support your business growth

Why small businesses are different from big companies. The three elements of every successful people plan. How to measure the performance of your team. How to be a great leader even in a small company. Three tips to improve delegation. Why great meetings are crucial and bad meetings are a waste of time. Setting targets […]

Keys to unlocking business growth

Why businesses don't just grow. Decoding what it means to develop a growth strategy. The four barriers to growth in any small company. Practical steps all owners need to take to fuel growth. Building momentum – how to sustain growth. How to ensure growth translates into sustainable profit. Pitfalls to avoid


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