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Top Tips for Business Networking: Online & Face to Face

Networking is a great opportunity to meet new contacts and depending upon your line of work it should form a key part of your marketing strategy. However, with so many networking events to choose from, how do you decide which networks to join, and which won’t bring in the rewards. • Making a success of […]

Leadership – Lessons from the Edge

On the 21st July 2021, a team of five injured/disabled veterans set off on the world first challenge of kayaking from Land’s End to John O’ Groats – over 1,400 kilometres at sea. Darren was the Expedition Leader, and successfully led the team through some of Europe’s most challenging waters, overcoming adversity and keeping team […]

Resilience – Lessons from the Edge

How do you overcome adversity? How do you build a truly resilient mindset? At this session, Darren will share his story of overcoming a life-changing injury to become a record-breaking Disabled Adventurer and Expedition Leader. He will share his ‘lessons from the edge’ for building resilience and positively managing mental health. – Tools for building […]

Creating a strategic marketing plan

What you need to know before ever speaking to a marketing expert. Why you need to be good before you can risk being famous. How to identify the right agencies to help you grow. Five things most companies get wrong. What to avoid. Matching marketing to ROI. The importance of data.

Managing Perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome

This session includes an informative look at perfectionism and an understanding of its different types. You will have the opportunity to think carefully about what perfectionism means to you and to reflect on how using different strategies and a different mindset approach would be more helpful and healthy. We will take a brief look at […]

Having better wellbeing during periods of change

This session includes carefully selected models to offer insight into the impact change can have on us, how we psychologically react to change and how to transition through change periods with a more positive impact on our wellbeing. This session is designed purposefully to help you experience better wellbeing during times of change.

Having Emotional Intelligence & benefiting from Positivity

In this session we learn a selection of tools to help develop Emotional Intelligence for increased awareness, regulation and management of our feelings and emotions. This session looks at the key components of emotionally intelligent people and we also explore top tips on how you can benefit from a more positive mindset and perspective.

Growing personal confidence

In this session we explore the factors that are known to create success and give the opportunity for you to evaluate your own effectiveness and confidence in these success areas. This session comprises of three key tools to help you build confidence which we know is essential to achieve better personal impact, effectiveness and wellbeing.

Managing stress levels

This session includes a three-stage approach to managing stress. It explores where you are focusing your efforts to manage stress at the moment and what else you can do to help yourself in stressful times. We take a look at how to identify stress triggers and we understand the impact of our beliefs on our […]


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